Executive Council 2022

2024 Executive Council

President – Olivia Mckerrow

Olivia is a junior Economics major with a minor in Business. She previously served her chapter as the Songfest Assistant Delegate and as a Still Creek Ranch mentor. Her campus involvement includes serving as a Big Event Staff Assistant,  Women in Economics, and was the previous Director of Donations and Sponsorship for CPC. Olivia enjoys reading, baking, watching movies, and spending time with her friends in her free time. She loves to travel and hike and her go-to food is sushi! A fun fact about Olivia is that when she was in Kindergarten, she cracked her head open by tripping over hula hoops. 

“I am looking forward to serving alongside such an amazing group of strong women! My goal is to foster a more inclusive Greek life experience for all women in sororities in Texas A&M. I also want to encourage girls in the Panhellenic community to not find their identity or define themselves by membership in one sorority’s chapter, but rather in the whole Panhellenic community.”


Executive Vice President – Gia Viggiano

Gia is a junior Education major with a minor in Secondary Education and Youth Programs and Development. She previously served her chapter as the New Member Educator. Gia is involved in MSC Abbott, Breakaway, Aggie Nations, Student Government Association, Restoration College, Rooftop Christmas, World Prayer, and Kamp Love. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors by playing golf, running, hiking, and swimming. Gia also loves to paint and play piano when she has some downtime. Loving internationally for the Gospel is a long term hope of hers, but for now she wants to teach English in the Philippines during her summers in between teaching. 

“I am so excited to work alongside the Panhellenic delegates and bringing an encouraging mindset to the table! Being able to assist the other exec members and the rest of council in any capacity I can is the ultimate goal! “


Vice President of Administration – Cami Espinosa

Cami is a junior Political Science major with a minor in French. She previously served her chapter as the Recording Secretary. Cami is a 2024 Fish Camp Chair and is a member of the Texas A&M Club Waterski Team. A fun fact about her is that Alaska is the best state she has ever visited. 

“I look forward to positively impacting Panhellenic by creating better systems of organization that keep all chapters on the same page and accountable in ways that best benefit all the amazing women that make up the Panhellenic community!  


Vice President of Recruitment – Anna Brown

Anna is a junior Community Health major on the Pre-Nursing track. She previously served her chapter as the Assistant Vice President of Recruitment and Marketing as well as the Director of Recruitment for CPC. Anna is involved in Christian Women in Medicine, St. Thomas Episcopal’s Canterbury Center Young Adults Program, Presbyterian School Alumni Board, and she volunteers at a health clinic in the Presbyterian School. A fun fact about Anna is that she loves to learn, so much so that she will ask her professors after final exams for the information not covered throughout the semester. She will also finish any textbook even if it’s not required for a course. 

“I look forward to providing opportunities for the young women who are looking to join Texas A&M Greek Life. Being a part of a sorority brings so many opportunities for personal and professional growth, and I look forward to showcasing that.”


Vice President of Finance – Amelia Cagle

Amelia is a junior Allied Health major with a minor in Psychology. She previously served CPC as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and currently serves her chapter as a member of the Philanthropy Team. Amelia is involved in STUMO, Future Aggie Nurses, and is a volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital. In her free time, Amelia loves to work on puzzles and run with her dog! 

“I am excited to work alongside all the chapters and members of CPC. I can’t wait to learn more about our incredible women and create a positive environment for all of Panhellenic.”


Vice President of Judicial Affairs & Accountability – Laney Muench

Laney is a junior Marketing major with a minor in Sports Management. She previously served as her Chapters President and Community Service Specialist. Laney is involved in the 12th Man Foundation’s Collegiate Council and is also a Business Assistant at the Student Recreation Center. In her free time, Laney enjoys watching football, playing piano, reading, and shopping! 

“My mission for the year is to help everyone in the Panhellenic community understand our rules ahead of time, so we can all be completely focused on enjoying the recruitment process when the time comes!”


Vice President of Public Relations – Anna Usleman

Anna is a junior Sociology major on the Pre-Nursing track with a minor in neuroscience. She previously served her chapter as the Public Relations Vice President and as a New Member Education Assistant. Anna was a Fish Camp Counselor for session D Red Camp Taggart, she is a member of Future Aggie Nurses, played on the Texas A&M Women’s Club Lacrosse Team, and volunteered at Baylor Scott and White Emergency Department. In her free time, Anna loves to workout, watch Gilmore Girls, and study. Some fun facts about her are that she runs her own photography business, she loves pickles, and she eventually wants to move to Colorado so she can snowboard in her free time. 

“I am so excited to serve Texas A&M’s amazing community of Panhellenic Women by maintaining a positive image and relationship with other councils and organizations. This community is powerful and devoted to philanthropic missions and I am so proud to be a voice for all of these dedicated chapters!”


Vice President of Programming – Skylar Perez

Skylar is a junior majoring in Society Ethics and Law with minors in Philosophy and Urban Planning. She previously served CPC as the Director of Chapter Development. Skylar is a member of the Pre-Law Society, Class Councils, and the Order of Omega. A fun fact about Skylar is that she has two bunnies, loves sunsets, and the color pink!

“I look forward to creating and implementing programs for our women that allow for new relationships to develop and connections to be created across all of Panhellenic!”


Director of Internal Communications – Jalen Gearing

Jalen is a junior Urban Planning major who is also in the Masters of Land and Property Development Program. Jalen loves to read, play pickleball, paint, travel, see live music shows, and she would love to travel the world. 

“I look forward to leading the Panhellenic community and fostering a positive relationship between the individual chapters and CPC.”


Director of External Communications – Catherine Guinther

Catherine is a junior Allied Health (Pre-Nursing) major with a minor in Psychology. Previously, she served her chapter as the Digital Marketing Specialist. Catherine is a member of the Order of Omega, Future Aggie Nurses, and she spends her summers interning at Next Level Urgent Care. Some of her hobbies include cooking, traveling, and spending time with her friends. A fun fact about Catherine is that she has five pets and is also a first generation Aggie! 

“I’m most looking forward to featuring all of the amazing women in greek life through the Panhellenic instagram!”


Director of Donations and Sponsorships – Kayla Davidson

Kayla is a sophomore Communications major with minors in Business and Spanish. She previously served her chapter as the Shamrock auction and Raffle Chair. Kayla is also on the Texas A&M Waterski Team. A fun fact about her is that she can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes! 

“I’m looking forward to getting to work with companies to gain sponsors and donations that will help make PNM’s and the Panhellenic community’s experience throughout the year more enjoyable. I’m also excited to become close with all of the women who make up this incredible Panhellenic community!”


Director of Chapter Development – Alex Harris

Alex is a junior Agricultural Leadership and Development major with a minor in Tourism Management. She previously served her chapter as the Service Chair and Philanthropy Chair. Alex is a member of the Real Estate Aggies in Leadership. In her free time, she loves to play tennis, workout at Hotworx, and spend time with her friends. One of her favorite memories within her sorority was living in the Zeta House (a.k.a, the Zastle). 

“I look forward to helping chapters develop their leaders and accomplish goals!!! I want to see all chapters succeed!!”  


Director of Recruitment – Avery Vaughn

Avery is a junior Bioenvironmental Science major with hopes to attend Medical School. She is a member of Christian Women in Medicine, the Order of Omega, and works in a research lab for the Texas A&M School of Medicine. Avery loves attending concerts, going on walks (specifically hot girl walks!), and traveling. 

“I’m looking forward to working with CPC and each chapter to make recruitment a fun and memorable experience for everyone. I’m excited to support the Panhellenic community and help organize the best week of the year!” 


Director of Diversity and Inclusion – Kyra Rinon

Kyra is a sophomore Political Science major with minors in Communications and History. She was a Fish Camp Counselor for Session E Yellow Camp Kastner, is a member of the Pre-Law Society, and serves on Class Councils. Some fun facts about Kyra is that she is a huge cat lover, her favorite artists are Noah Kahan, Hozier, and the Lumineers, and she hopes to continue her education after undergrad to become a lawyer. 

“I really want to make the Panhellenic community a more inviting and inclusive space! I think that everyone has a place in panhellenic sororities and I want to do all that I can to make sure that girls find their homes and the people that they will call their sisters!”


Director of Community Service – Samantha Richardson

Samantha is a junior Special Education major with a minor in Dance. She previously served her chapter as the Vice President of Community Relations in 2022 and 2023. Samantha is a Fish Camp Chair and an alumnae of the Freshmen Leaders in Education & Human Development. In her free time, she enjoys playing pickleball, pilates, and volunteering.

I really want to emphasize the importance of serving locally and hands on! I am excited to encourage greek women at Texas A&M”


2022 Recruitment Team

Marketing Coordinator: Krysten Rhodes

Rho Gam Coordinators: Abby Grace & Sydney Moehnke

Event Coordinators: Kylie Callaway & Kayla Sanchez

Computer Coordinators: Bailey French & Leah Engeldorf