Am I eligible?

To participate in recruitment, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:


You must be a matriculate of Texas A&M University.

Gateway students are permitted to participate in recruitment if they are fully accepted to Texas A&M for the fall.

Blinn Team students may participate in recruitment.

Must have never been initiated into full membership of a Panhellenic sorority at Texas A&M University or any other campus.

Must be able to attend all recruitment events, including convocation.

*If you have a university excused scheduling conflict with any recruitment events, please contact the Panhellenic VP Recruitment at tamurecruitment@gmail.com immediately. Please note that we will do our best to accommodate excused absences however make up opportunities may not be offered.


Is there a grade requirement to go through recruitment?

Academics are very important for all of our Panhellenic sororities. While there is not academic cutoff for recruitment, it is highly recommended that women going through formal recruitment have a high school GPA of no less than 2.75, and a college GPA of no less than 2.50 (for upperclassmen).

If your GPA is lower than these numbers, you can expect to receive significantly fewer invitations than women with higher GPAs. Some grade exemptions may be granted, but not many. Each sorority has its own academic cut-off established, and will vary for each chapter.