Aggies First, Greeks Second

At other schools, it's easy for one's obligation to their sorority to take precedence over university traditions and involvement. Here at Texas A&M, we don't sacrifice our school for our letters, and are always Aggies before we are Sorority Women.


NPC women have the opportunity to lead several different on and off-campus organizations, that range from The Big Event Executive Board to Tradition's Council to Aggie Hostesses to Business Student Council. We value service and excel in academics, and we pride ourselves on the incredible things we are able to contribute to the hundreds of organizations at Texas A&M.

We are your Fish Camp counselors, the women interviewing you at your Tell Your Story interview, and the teacher of your Body Pump class at the Recreation Center. We sit in your section at Breakaway and are on your Varsity Volleyball team. As Aggie sorority women, we feel a responsibility to use our talents to better our university and love to make friends outside of our usual circle.