College is a place for education and learning and Aggie Greeks take academics very seriously! 

Each sorority institutes study hours and has an academic chair to act as a resource to anyone struggling with a class, and most have academic mentor systems in which seniors and juniors aid younger members in navigating freshman and sophomore year. We also sit with sisters in class and study together.

As motivational incentives, our collegiate chapters and their respective national organizations recognize and reward scholastic excellence. In fact, Texas A&M sorority women receive thousands of dollars in scholarships through their chapters and alumnae chapters each year, which can be put towards tuition, fees, books, sorority dues, and more.

The all sorority-women's average GPA is consistently higher than the university all women's average GPA, and Aggie Greeks excel in majors across all colleges on Texas A&M's campus- from engineering and biomedical sciences to business and education.

In addition to this, CPC hosts academic seminars and last year instituted a sorority-wide voluntary tutoring program. If a member of one chapter is particularly strong in a subject, she can sign up to tutor, while a member of another chapter can sign up to be tutored in that subject.

Furthermore, when a member of any Greek organization has completed 60 hours, he or she can apply to the All-Greek Honor Society Order of Omega, provided that he/she has a cumulative GPR of 3.2 or better. This unique opportunity brings together and recognizes outstanding members of the Greek community for their contributions to the university and stellar academic records.